About Us

Bridge Knowledge engineering

Welcome to Bridge Knowledge

Bridge Knowledge was founded in 2015 to assist clients across both the government and private sectors to create safe, functional, and resilient infrastructure.

We offer a full range of consulting engineering services to private and government clients across:

Bridge | Road | Structural | Civil | Flood

Our expert team live, work, and play in the communities we serve, and our primary focus is to contribute our extensive and valuable expertise to ensure that these communities are improved, for today and well into the future, from an engineering perspective.

“Connecting communities in Regional Australia, by creating safe, functional, and resilient infrastructure”

Our core values

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We work, speak, act and think with honesty.

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We focus on the future and choose to seek opportunities as opposed to problems.

We consistently strive to make a difference – even if that means taking the road less travelled or working above and beyond that which may be easier to deliver.

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We do the right thing and we do it well.

Integrity is at the core of all we do and each agreement we make.

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We genuinely care for each other, and for the wellbeing of both our internal and our external teams – we are a family.

We focus on co-operation and win-win resolutions.

We speak and act with positivity, respect, and purpose.

We support and encourage the sharing of expertise and knowledge and we continually educate ourselves and our community.

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We expect excellence in ourselves and our company.

Our work must, at all times, reflect that excellence.