An essential part of providing resilience for community infrastructures like bridges, roads, buildings, and civil structures is understanding your project's hydrology and flood immunity.

Water is a fundamental part of our daily lives. Its multitude of purposes are essential to our existence, providing necessary resources to the environment and ensuring our continued health and wellbeing.

From the Greek hydro (water) and -ology (the study of a particular discipline), Hydrology is the study of water, its distribution, and movement upon and below the earth’s surface.  Hydrology observes how the availability and condition of water influences the human race and infrastructure.

Our team can assist you with delivering your projects.

We offer hydrology and flood study services for:

  • Calculating the flows, velocities and water levels for flood events, e.g., 1 in 100
  • Determining the structural flood loads for bridge design. The Australian Standard for bridge design states that a “bridge shall not collapse under any flood up to and including the ultimate limit state (2000 year ARI) flood, including effects of debris and scour“.
  • Assessment of the capacity of existing infrastructure in a flood event
  • Hydraulic sizing of culverts
  • Determining Flood Planning Levels (FPL)
  • Scour protection design
Hydrology and flood studies photo